Ports and Transit facilities have some of the most complex operations in the World, pairing together complicated logistics with high-trafficked facilities. ARES has helped numerous organizations create innovative solutions that automate and simplify their complex environments for both security and operations.
Move safety and security to the next level

The fast pace of transit and port operations leaves no time for errors or indecision. Simultaneously tracking trains, vehicles, vessels and aircraft, while maintaining schedules and customer experience can easily overwhelm an organization of any scale. To avoid this outcome, AVERT solutions enable customers to plan for, train, and maintain awareness and response capabilities so each organization can make quick, informed decisions and focus on what matters most.

In an every growing risk environment from insiders to state actors, Security and Safety at transportation facilities is crucial due to the large amounts of civilians constantly passing through large impact on our daily lives and commerce. Ports and mass transit facilities have already proven to be a target of acts of violence and terrorism, corporate espionage and need to be aware of any possible threats. Using the AVERT suite of applications, any organization can discover physical vulnerabilities, create SOPs based off of quantitative risk assessments, and create their ideal security configuration incorporating legacy systems and evaluating future procurements. Our PSIM/Command & Control applications help transportation agencies to utilize our massive library of connectors and rules engine to automate their response and improve event base situational awareness.

With the ability to reduce costs, increase effectiveness, and streamline or even automate operations, transportation operators can generate significant improvements in security effectiveness and response. improve both situational awareness and overall efficiency.

ARES Enterprise Security Platform™ provides an integrated security, operations and interagency data-sharing capability to improve effectiveness, response and cost of operations.
AVERT Assessment and Design provides approved and Department of Homeland Security certified assessment and design tools to assure security effectiveness.
AVERT Tabletop and Virtual Reality Training utilize simulation and your digital twin to remotely conduct training exercises and mandatory assessments internally or interagency.
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