Recognized globally as the most capable and intuitive Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM).


Vidsys PSIM automates how security operations centers run, integrating sensors, data feeds and response plans for public sector agencies and global enterprise organizations.


Vidsys is a comprehensive Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform designed to make enterprise security management easier and more effective. Its capabilities extend beyond those of traditional physical security platforms, working to capture and correlate data from multiple physical, logical and IT security systems. Organizations can leverage Vidsys to support a wide range of use cases including robotic operations, IoT-enabled Smart City development, logistics management, manufacturing, and supply-chain monitoring. The PSIM software platform collects, filters, correlates, and converts vast amounts of disparate data in real-time into valuable and actionable information for situation management. With the Vidsys PSIM, users receive enhanced:

  • Situation Awareness: The PSIM platform visualizes data feeds on customizable dashboards from multiple, disparate systems to help operators maintain global situational awareness over business assets, quickly detect threats, and assess operational risk as events unfold in real-time.
  • Situation Management: When a threat is detected, Vidsys PSIM automatically assesses the level of risk. It then presents the exact incident location, visualizes nearby mapped assets, and provides step-by-step instructions for evaluation and situation resolution in its command center. Its centralized rules and situation management features allow operators to provide consistent, real-time operational support by automating responses and system integrated system functions through the standard operating procedure checklist.
  • Situation Reporting: The reporting module automates analytics, reporting, and workflows to minimize errors and accelerate business insight. The platform generates dynamic reports for compliance monitoring and investigative support and analysis.
  • AI Enabled: Supports next generation AI applications and sensors such as weapons detection, autonomous robotic platforms, and more, to enhance situational awareness, detection, and response.
  • Largest Connector Library: With more than 500 integrations to 3rd party systems, Vidsys has the largest commercial connector library in the industry.

In addition to making people safer and more secure, Vidsys has enabled numerous private and public sector entities to grow and prosper through streamlining operations, expanding interoperability, and managing incidents in real-time. Implementing PSIM software can result in a tangible return on investment that pays for itself over time. Savings realized include staffing efficiencies, reduction of false alarms, improved compliance, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Vidsys Mobile App

VIDSYS Mobile App

Vidsys Enterprise Mobile makes it easy to gain enterprise-level situational awareness on the go. Users can access live and recorded video from compatible integrated video management systems directly from a smartphone or tablet. Get up-to-date information from mission-critical security devices and systems anytime, anywhere.

  • Intuitive In-App Controls: Navigate in-app functions using intuitive pan, tilt and zoom gestures and easy-to-use video playback controls.
  • Centralized User Access – Support for existing Vidsys local user accounts and remotely-managed Active Directory user accounts.
  • Connect From Anywhere: Supports LTE and GSM mobile connections and allows users to connect via Wi-Fi or VPN.
  • Supports secure multi-agency data sharing of video and other information.
  • Supports both Native and ATAK/TAK-CIV mobile applications.
  • Customized mobile application development.



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