Call & Data Centers
Call and Data centers continue to grow; employing more people and housing more data with increased security relevance.
Assessment and response is critical.

Security assessment and improved security design of call and data centers is a growing need. ARES Assessment and Design tools have been used to significantly improve security effectiveness and reduce the estimated fatalities in the event of active shooter events all while reducing costs. These tools have been used to assure planned sensor upgrades are justified, guard force staffing is optimized, and response timelines are accurate. Our assessment and design solutions have a proven 100% ROI and a one year payback period. Similarly, our solutions have been used to increase security resiliency and adequately design systems to withstand attacks while offsite agencies respond.

ARES Command & Control and real time situational awareness solutions can provide a SaaS or regional based infrastructure for remote monitoring and response to events. ARES applications have also been integrated, in real-time, to local PSAPs, to assure rapid police response to security and operational incidents.

ARES next generation Robotics and AI solutions provide opportunity for improved threat identification and response in remote environments while reducing sensor and staffing costs.

Allows real time security, safety, and monitoring solutions to protect critical personnel and data.
Provides federated platforms and applications that are trusted by Fortune 50 companies to standardize security and safety at every location.
Optimizes security designs to ensure every facility is protected against rapidly advancing threats.
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