In the face of rising threats of active shooter and workplace violence, the healthcare industry is required to maintain an extraordinary level of care and protection for their patients and the various pharmaceuticals housed in their facilities. ARES allows healthcare facilities to monitor and control their assets as well as plan and train for evacuations and responses.
Monitor and protect patients, workers, and facilities against active shooter and other threats.

Healthcare facilities operate under strict regulations and evolving pandemic protocols. ARES' suite of solutions collect, correlate, and convert vast amounts of data into actionable information based on the organization’s risk policy, standards and compliance requirements. By leveraging mobile and web-based technologies, the software can be rapidly deployed and provides real-time situational awareness and information management capabilities to remote users and first responders. From temperature screening and sterilization robots to security and safety applications, ARES improves safety and ensures a better quality of care for patients and providers.

Health screening and safety solutions for both providers and patients
Optimized security designs, response, and evacuation routes to address any potential hazard
Mobile panic alerting and direct communications with law enforcement for quick, collaborative responses
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