Sports & Entertainment
Sports and entertainment venues host the largest crowds in the world, requiring complex assessment, response and evacuation plans. ARES delivers the ability to prepare for any event and autonomously alert and share critical information for quick and effective responses.
Secure a memorable and safe experience.

Managing and ensuring venue and event security has never been more complex. The range and scope of threats are constantly evolving, making it challenging to consistently maintain an effective security posture. ARES Security provides tailored solutions from rapid site assessment, improved sensor and system integration to improved command and control that facilitates a smooth, safe event -- from national conventions and music festivals to small entertainment venues and large sports arenas.

The ARES team of security and safety experts work directly with clients to assess, and design the most cost-effective solutions to meet the specific needs of their venue or event. Whether it’s a planned event or an emergency scenario, ARES suite of solutions enable any facility to properly prepare for any event and efficiently manage any situation.

Facilitate inter-agency data-sharing, connect all parties and responding agencies involved in the event.
Ensure the most cost-effective security system and operations for every event.
Provide security personnel and law enforcement with virtual training tools to train for all types of events.
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