Law Enforcement & Public Safety
Today, Public Safety agencies are faced with growing threats while under increased response scrutiny. ARES solutions help agencies and their local organizations increase their collaboration and training for quick and efficient responses.
Protecting communities with innovative solutions.

The public safety landscape is changing. With the range of intentional, accidental, and natural threats continuing to grow, the ability to quickly identify and respond to emergency events has become even more crucial. ARES suite of solutions enables public safety agencies and their various partners to effectively and quickly prepare for and manage events. With multiple tools available to public safety agencies, Ares Security can support threat assessments, response optimization, virtual training and tabletop exercises, mobile panic alerting, direct communications, systems integrations and real time crime centers through a trusted event management solution.

As a system-agnostic solutions provider ARES can leverage client’s existing systems SOPs, and sensors to supplement current abilities, while evolving over time through future integrations. As a result, public safety agencies can optimize all aspects of their operations from planning to response.

Allows public safety officials to analyze complex responses for advanced threats to ensure their response plans and times are as effective as possible.
Enables Real Time Crime Centers and EOCs to rapidly or automatically detect anomalous behavior, gather information and collaborate with the appropriate resources, through advanced capabilities such as mobile applications for active shooter response.
Virtual Training solutions allow public safety officials to perform decision-making training and VR training with local partners using validated, realistic threat scenarios in virtual representations of their own environment.
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