The Mariner Group delivers the Next Standard in Situation Resolution Management

Jul 18, 2012 | News & Articles

Miami, FL – As the American Association of Port Authorities Port Security Seminar and Exposition opens in Miami, The Mariner Group is releasing version 5.7 of its field-proven flagship Situation Resolution Management platform: CommandBridge™, including new features such as Situation Board, OneView, Replay and CommandPost.

Throughout the world, events and activities are reported every day related to existing and emerging risks such as terrorism, international border disputes, piracy, illegal trafficking and smuggling, and an explosive growth in cyber-attacks. This new world in which we live requires new ways of planning, preparing, predicting, detecting, analyzing, responding, and resolving the multitude of undesirable scenarios which can arise.

As the incumbent leader in applied Situation Resolution Management technology for Maritime Domain Awareness, and a go-to provider of similar capabilities across multiple industries and disciplines, Mariner recognizes the need for disruptive innovation aimed at creating proactive reaction capabilities for those charged with the responsibility of the safety, security, and stability of nations, networks, transportation, commerce and people.

With a decade of real-world experience in mission critical settings, Mariner is responding to the needs of its clients and the markets as a whole. Mariner is leading the way in integrating the latest process and technical capabilities, coupled with the compelling implications of significant trends in social networking, interdependence among organizations and nations, and the near-global-ubiquity of information technology.

Steve Dryden, Mariner CEO, commenting on the latest release of CommandBridge, … “This next step forward enables our clients to achieve levels of performance in Situation Resolution Management beyond anything else currently available. We have worked hard to listen to their needs, beyond just automation; to envision and deliver entirely new process capabilities exceeding current requirements, … with an eye to the future.”