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Emergency management software that alerts and protects in real-time.


Mayday Safety is a comprehensive communication and alerting system that enables anyone, anywhere to quickly and effectively respond to any emergency. Mayday Safety ranges from a free mobile application for friends & family and an all-inclusive safety and security system for any organization.

Mayday Safety Capabilities

Mayday Safety is a comprehensive communication and alerting system which brings clarity during the chaos of an emergency event to help save lives. Mayday was developed by special operations veterans who converted advanced technology and training from the battlefield into a solution for civilian buildings, including the classroom and workplace. Mayday utilizes various systems and sensors paired with mobile devices that create a virtual network to monitor, alert, and communicate in a concise and effective way during an event. By connecting the solution to our AVERT C2 or Vidsys CSIM platforms, organizations can also integrate site data as well as various systems —such as Floorplans, GIS, cameras, access control, weather, and hardwired alarm systems — to monitor, alert, and communicate during an event. When a Mayday alert is activated, any integrated site data is consolidated and shared with the designated responders or partners.

As a tiered solution, Mayday offers multiple packages in order to provide each organization a solution tailored to its specific needs. The hosted system works simultaneously with pre-existing security and safety systems by providing immediate alerts and communications. This reduces law enforcement response time, helps all parties to react based on training, and identifies who is at risk and where they may be on campus.

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The Mayday dashboard allows organizations to manage alerts, locate, and communicate with Mayday Safety app users. With the dashboard, emergencies are easy to view and track, users can be bulk uploaded, color-coded groups can be created to manage alerts and messaging, and zone boundaries can be defined with the click of a mouse. The dashboard can be accessed from any internet connected device from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Application

Mayday Safety is the world’s top personal safety app, trusted by thousands of users in over 85 countries. With three taps of a button, the Mayday Safety app sends a location alert to pre-assigned family and friends. All for free.

For schools, places of worship, workplaces, municipalities, and other organizations, the Mayday Safety app works as a powerful alerting, mass notification, and communications tool. The app can be connected to an organization’s existing security configurations and is used to alert, communicate, and help personnel remain safe in real-time.

Systems Integration

Mayday Safety can be integrated into the AVERT C2 or the Vidsys CSIM platforms to assimilate sensor feeds into an intuitive common operating picture and provide actionable information to first responders. These platforms are trusted by various industries including public safety, critical infrastructure, education, public venues, and even the U.S. Air Force. By integrating additional systems and sensors with Mayday, organizations can quickly and effectively share critical site data with internal or external stakeholders, including first responders. When a Mayday alert is activated, the alert is fed into a configurable dashboard and any integrated site data is consolidated and shared with partners. This provides a scalable security and safety platform that can be utilized for day-to-day operations and safety.

Direct Communications

The panic alert can be transmitted directly to local law enforcement, a dispatch center, or security operations center. This allows designated users to be connected directly with 911 or the designated dispatch services following the activation of a Mayday alert. Once the alert is activated, the mass notification will be sent out and the user’s mobile device will be connected with local law enforcement or the designated dispatch center.


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